Why Scuba Dive !!

Dec 30, 2015

Q. Why  Scuba Dive ?!
A.Why Not!

For some it's the beauty of the reef and the marine life that inhabits it, for others - like me- it's the thrill of discovery deep inside a wreck or cave. Everyone has a different reason for scuba diving, but most would agree that it's for the sheer enjoyment of experiencing the underwater world, a world so far removed from ours that it will truly amaze you. Whether you want to relax while photographing brightly colored tropical fish, be thrilled by the power and grace of a school of sharks, or make a living working underwater, scuba diving has it all.

What is Scuba Diving?

" Dictionary: scu·ba   (skū'bə)

n. A portable apparatus containing compressed air and used for breathing under water.
[s(elf-)c(ontained) u(nderwater) b(reathing) a(pparatus).]

WORD HISTORY   Going scuba diving sounds much more appealing than going self-contained underwater breathing apparatus diving, and saying scuba leaves more breath for swimming. The name for such an apparatus, first successfully tested in 1943, was formed by taking the first letter of each word in the phrase and putting them together to form a single word. Scuba, like other acronyms, has a vowel at a point that allows it to be pronounced like an English word. The word, first recorded in 1952, has been so widely adopted that people rarely think of it as a collection of initials and use it in forming other words, such as scuba-dive. In fact, a verb scuba was first recorded in 1973 and is still in use." by  www.answers.com

 Back to me now, I am a recreational diver. I took my open water course just to see why divers keep on diving, what do they see and do down there. I could not make a full idea about Scuba Diving , because every diver has a different kind of passion for diving. The Course was boaring  at the beginning, classroom material and pool diving, but the whole experience turned 180 degrees after my 1st sea dive. Wow it was the most amazing thing in my whole life. I am underwater like 10-15 ft deep swimming near deep reef and colorful fishes. I will not forget my 1st dive ever.

That was the beginning, When i got my PADI card i was diving like crazy here and there, NORTH-SOUTH-EAST-WEST, locally and Internationally. Few years later, i was diving with a new group of divers and saw their new gear including the digital gauges that i have no idea how and why to use them. I decided to take the advance open water course to be update my knowledge. As a recreational diver, I believe an advance open water license is enough if you don't want to be a professional diver.

Divers can be found in all corners of the globe from the tropical reefs of the Caribbean and the Great Barrier Reef, to the world's biggest lake in Siberia - even under the ice of Antarctica. While most dive shops and resorts operate in warm tropical environments it's also common to find local dive centers and dive clubs in most cities around the world - even inland cities with no water!!!

My Blog contains an archive of my diving trips and photos, a collection of scuba diving articles i found in the internet, Scuba diving resources, Personal reviews of diving resorts, Diving locations, Diving Books and Scuba gear and finally a collection of websites i regularly read or use like hotel/airfare booking, Diving Packages,  Diving resorts to save you time and money when you want to plan your next Diving Trip.

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